Noblesville Schools Volunteer Application

The information in this application will be used to best place you as a volunteer in Noblesville Schools.

Items marked with a red asterisk * are required.

Parent/Community Member Information:*

I am a parent, guardian or relative of a child or children currently attending Noblesville Schools.
I am not related to any children currently attending Noblesville Schools.

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Date of Birth:*

Gender:* Male Female

Ethnicity:* American Indian/Alaskan Asian/Pacific Islander Black Multi-Racial White

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School:* Please check all that apply

No Preference Hazel Dell Hinkle Creek Noble Crossing
North Promise Road Stony Creek White River
East Middle School West Middle School High School

Programs I'd like to volunteer for:

Classroom Speaker

Classroom Volunteer

Job Coach

Office Assistant

Youth Assistance (Tutoring, Mentoring, IREAD)

Volunteer applications and background checks must be updated every 2 years.

Access Level Requested*

Level 2

Background Check

Per Noblesville Schools guidelines, a criminal history records check must be made "for level 2 or 3 volunteers who would have sole care custody, or control over students."

*By checking this box, I give permission for such an inquiry.

Confidentiality Agreement

School volunteers, on occasion, have access to private information about students. Failure to respect and maintain student privacy will result in the loss of volunteer status.

*By checking this box, I am stating that I understand and agree to abide by the above confidentiality statement.